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 Activities completed by the Friends in collaboration with BC Parks:

Park Access Improvement Project (2017-2021)
The major items, paving the parking lot plus upper access road and the installation of interpretive signs have been completed. A few minor items remain, including updates to signs and changes to facilitate wheelchair and walker access.
Park Stewardship Established the Adopt-a-Trail program for members that would like to help preserve and protect the park. Contact Us for more information.
Public Outreach Activities 1. Conducted guided hikes for members, scout and girl guide troops, and the general public. Contact Us for more information.
2. Published information brochures and newspaper articles to acquaint the public about the Friends and our activities to protect the park.
3. Published a regular newsletter and other park information updates to members.
Natural Systems Inventory Catalogued the types of trees, plants, flowers, fungi, and birds that make the park their home.
Interpretive Signs (2012-2020) Developed a series of Interpretive Signs and had them installed at sites within the park, starting with Illahie - John Dean's Mountain Retreat.
Invasive Plants (1996-2006) Removed truckloads of English ivy and scotch broom from the park resulting in recovery by native plants. Ongoing monitoring continues to ensure invasive plants don’t return.
Park Transfer to CRD Avoided (1992-1999) Helped prevent the transfer of the management of the park to the authority of the Capital Regional District, which would have violated the conditions agreed upon when the lands were donated to the province.
Land Additions (1988-1989) Helped ensure that 19 hectares (47 acres) were added to the park, which extended the western boundary to Alec Road.
Trail System Extended (1987-2001) Built Barret Montfort Trail, Woodward Trail, Slektain Trail, Merrill Harrop Trail, an extension to Surveyor's Trail and the Illahie connection to Woodward.
Trail Signage (1985-2002) Built and installed the original trail signs, and commissioned a GPS survey of the trails that was used for the “you are here” trail maps.
Water Reservoir Location (1985-1994) Obtained agreement with the Capital Regional District to build the water reservoir on the Thomson right-of-way, not inside the park.
Trail Maintenance (1984-1999) Replaced and/or repaired trail beds, footbridges, staircases, and drainage culverts.
Initial Park Cleanup (1984-1990) Removed large amounts of trash from along the main access road, view points and picnic areas, trailheads, and radar sites. This included junk such as appliances, auto parts, mattresses, furniture, etc.

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